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Dreaming of a media room?

You’ve decided to turn your family room or living space into an entertainment room. Your family loves to watch movies and sports. You want more sight and sound, more feeling, more experience, than just the speakers on your TV. That’s awesome! Now that you’ve decided to add some new entertainment for you and your family, [...]

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What kind of TV mount do I need?

That is a great question! It depends on a lot of factors… Mounting your TV is a great way for you and your family to have a great visual experience. The number one reason, it is a very clean look and gets the TV up and out of the way. Another great reason is you don't [...]

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Do I really need a surge protector?

Surge protection… What exactly is that? Do I need it? Or it just a way for companies to make more money on the sale by adding unnecessary equipment? It's all about the electricity that comes into your home. Here in Texas, that power can be questionable at times. Not to mention the lighting strikes. What [...]

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