You’ve decided to turn your family room or living space into an entertainment room. Your family loves to watch movies and sports. You want more sight and sound, more feeling, more experience, than just the speakers on your TV.

That’s awesome! Now that you’ve decided to add some new entertainment for you and your family, what do you do next?

Below are a few questions to ask yourself…

  • Do you want to use a TV or projector?
  • Do you want to mount the TV on the wall or set it on a piece of furniture?
  • Do you want a mount that sits flush on the wall or do I want to be able to move the TV around?
  • Do you have the room for a traditional setup with a receiver, Blu-ray player, games, Apple TV/Roku or do I want to keep it really simple?
  • Do you want a single remote to control everything or do you like having a remote for each piece of equipment?
  • Do you want in-wall, in-ceiling or free standing speakers? How many do I need? What about subwoofers and center channel? Do you want to see them or do you want them to be out of sight? Or do you want to keep it simple and use a soundbar?

Consolidated Home Solutions specializes in helping you understand what options are available and what will fit your budget. Give us a call today for a free in-home consultation to discuss your options and make your dream of a media room a reality!