We wanted to approach this from a different angle than most articles you read about the subject. We wanted to talk about what it can do for you in real life terms. Not so much the specs or models and brands, but what you can expect to do with this new technology?

We will say this now and get it out of the way. There are a TON of brands, features, add-ons, softwares, styles, and interfaces…it’s mind boggling how fast this particular segment is changing, adding technologies, and coming up with new ideas and products. It’s hard trying to keep up with the current products much less be on the bleeding edge.

So…What’s a the hooplah all about? It’s cool, just plain cool!

We are privileged that we have access to many brands and we have worked with all aspects of these systems from programming to installation. We’ve seen what goes into setting up the experience to get what we and our customers really want.


Make my busy, hectic life a little easier and more convenient. Simple is good. I don’t want to think about it or figure out why it doesn’t work. I want to push a button and have what I want done, done. Make me feel like I’m the boss of something in my life!

Let’s start with scenes. What is a scene?

A scene is a name you give a command or group of commands that you want to happen. Pretty simple, yet very powerful if setup correctly and very difficult if setup poorly.  From very simple, lock my front door, to turn off all my lights, set my alarm, close my garage door…all at the click of a button.

On a side note, with all of the new products coming out, there are sensors that can be added to your system that can automate virtually anything you can think of. It’s getting crazy!

Most people want control of the basics of home automation. Lights, temperature, door locks, garage doors and security systems. Other things people are asking about are pool and sprinkler controls, geo-fencing, security cameras, energy controls, sensors, appliances…a mute button for the kids?!?

Since we deal with a lot of home entertainment installations, we will be dipping into how to add this to some of the “scenes.”

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